Hoy do I create an email tracking link but do *not* send it over the email?

My Mautic version is: 4

I want to make some directed communications over alternative channels that are not e-mail. I need to get a “tracking link” in the same manner that the email engine uses them but instead of sending the email, just getting the link.

For example in an email I can send people to my landing https://nice.example.com/whatever

Then the email sent to Joe will track Joe on that page and the email sent to Alice will track Alice in that page (even if https://nice.example.com/whatever resides on a tracked wordpress instead of using the landing engine inside mautic).


I need to send those people (Alice and Joe) a “tracked link” to my “external landing page” like https://nice.example.com/whatever in a Wordpress and track their activity.

Premise: They are going to visit the site https://nice.example.com/whatever for the first time (so there are no mautic cookies for them).

This works perfectly when sending an email as the email sends the user to mautic to a redirector which is “dynamically created for each user”. I just need somehow to use the “redirector link” OUTSIDE the email system (ie: To send it manually over WhatsApp, Telegram, google meet, zoom, etc.)

How can I get such link for manual usage without being sent over automatically?

Hi, as far as I understand you want to:

  1. Send an email with a third party mail system and
  2. Link them to a third party landing page

And the question is how Mautic can track all that with being not involved in the whole thing?

You need to pass the email address in the email with the link together (to give the landing page a heads up know who will be visiting)
You can do this by amending the email as a variable, like https://nice.example.com/whatever?email=alice@coopermusic.com

Sidenote: Might need to be URL encoded (https%3A%2F%2Fnice.example.com%2Fwhatever%3Femail%3Dalice%40coopermusic.com) I’m not sure

Then this email can be captured via a modified Mautic embedded on your landing page:
Check this blogpost:

(Page loads super slow for me be patient.)

What id does is the javascript is modified in a way, that captures the email from the URL and registers the visit to the contact including the email. In other words makes your unknown visitor into a known contact.


I was looking for a different approach. I’m already aware that if I code, I may send “additional info” to the mautic tracker. I was thinking on reusing the email redirector subsystem.

The premise accepts a slightly different approach:

  1. Send an email with a third partry mail system and
  2. Link them to a “redirector” that lives in mautic that redirects them to a third party landing page

When mautic sends the emails, the links are substituted by an internal mautic URL that is specifically created to track “that link in that email to that person” with this syntax http://mymautic.example.com/r/xxxxxxxxxx?ct=AbCdAbCd&

This link would be “bound” to user Alice or user Bob without having to pass any email address via the URL and the system is intelligent enough so if the contact is the FIRST time that gets to the external landing, it gets “properly tracked” thanks to this redirector, am I wrong?

So I am fine with re-using this link system unbinding it from the “email send automation”. I just want to use the feature already built-in but get the link “manually” to be “manually placed” on whatever message I want to track.

Is this feasible?

Sure. My approach suggested minimal javascript coding, but you don’t have to restrain yourself :slight_smile:

For sure you can create a plugin that generates the tracking links. Its totally possible. Would be noce if you could share the plugin once its ready :wink:

I agree to do that. Should I create a new “channel” named something like “Manual channel”? All pointers welcome and happy to join as a developer to the community. We need a ton load more developers here guys and make mautic the best in its class.

yes, we do :smiley:
If you get someone to code it, I’ll be happy to throw some money at it. Reach out to me on Slack.
A good way to start is maybe to look at the Gmail plugin for chrome, which has similar functionality.

Sure, will contact you!!!

In the meantime, should I create a “new channel” named “manual channel” to serve this kind of output?

I would check the developers documentation for that.
I’m not a symfony coder, and tou have to be one to do it.

Indeed. I’ve been using symfony since before symfony 2 back in 2011, to now the latest symfony 6, and all the intermediate versions. I use symfony for all my projects, including the online touroperator I run.

Will check. Thanks.