Campaign Builder - Decision not working

Hello all,


I’ve got a test Campaign live with the attached “Decision” as a key part of the journey.

If I build a different segment using the same core field, then it is populated. However in the Campaign, the system seems to be unable to segment the larger DB.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Got a hunch it is something silly, but wanted to ask.

Can you confirm, that the Value is EXACTLY 2 days ago?

Hi Joey,

Affirmative. The segment shows -2 Days

Sorry I wasn’t clear.
Does your value have exactly 2 days difference?

Good point. If the feed has Hour/Minute, it won’t have exact.

I’d need:
Equals or greater than -2 Days
Less than -3 Days

why would it work on segment, but not campaign?

There is no difference. It should work.