Campaign issue

Hi All,

I have a question about campaign run for old users as well.

According to the activity on my website an SQL query decides what segment the contact belongs to and gives a segment ID to it. For example: A contact’s last login date was in last 5 days so gives ID (1) as active status, after 50 days without login gives long gone (ID 2), etc…

In mautic i have created a contact field (Current segment id). An API will sends the contacts to my All contacts segment with the above mentioned current segment id. Finally i have also created a campaign what decides to wich segment the contact belongs to (based on the current segment id).

The campaign looks like this:
(Contact segment: All contacts —> Condition: If current segment ID equal to (1) then (Action): modify contact’s segment to Active.) Same for long gone, etc…

When a contact is created in DB and be sent to mautic system it works fine, the campaign is able to decide the segment of the user.

My really big problem with this is the following:
When we are talking about an old contact who already exists in my mautic system the campaign wont be triggered for them. For example the customer becomes long gone, the SQL gives it ID 2 and the API updates the current segment ID of the contact in mautic. However the Segment ID of this user was changed the campaign doesnt put it into the correct segment becaues the campaign was already triggered for that contact.

Unfortunatelly i cant find any setting for this…
I know when we are talking about an e-mail campaign, it should not be triggered for the same user severel times, but now i need it for separating the contacts, and needs to be triggered for every contacts who has any changes in contact fields.

Looking forward for your help: