Segment/Campaign Triggering Not Triggering Mental Mystery

This is probably a really dumb questions. I am a bit of a newbie to Mautic but I promise, I have trawled the documentation and I still can’t get clarity on this in my head.

So… imagine I have some Contacts. And I have a combination of Tags (I intend to use quite a large tag taxonomy)

And… a combination of those tags means that those Contacts end up being added to a dynamic Segment using the Filters.

All good. I get that. (I think!)

Now… as the Cron job rolls, they get scoopd up and added to the Segment and, as such they also get added to a Campaign which is set to be triggered by that Segment.

As the campaign flows and the user is journeying through it, the Contacts behaviour happens to alter their tag configuration, and this now means that they should no longer be in that Segment.

Cron rolls (“mautic:segments:update” I believe)… and I am expecting that they get removed from the Segment.

Now… my question:

The contact is half way through the campaign that is linked to the Segment which the user has just been removed from by the Cron job.

Does the user also get booted out of the Campaign automatically OR (as I have seen in some YouTube tutorials) do I have to keep checking in the Campaign that the use is “still in the Segment” and remove that user from the Campaign also???

Sorry for a long winded way of asking.

U am

short answer: when a contact leaves the segment and the campaign membership is based on that segment, then yes, he will leave the campaign.

Long answer:

Thanks Joey… I am reading your full article now (and have subbed to your tips)… I think I may need to read it multiple times to truly embed the detail. But I get the gist. And it all fits with how my gut had presumed the logic should be.

So… Thank you… That is the answer I was hoping for. I was a bit confused as to why a demo I watched on YouTube kept checking whether the Contact was in the Segment when “being in the segment” was the only reason to be in the Campaign.

Very grateful.