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Campaign builder drag and drop not working well

Hi not sure what is going on or if they are any restriction when linking boxes in the campaign builder but when I try to link a condition box to and action box I ties it and unties to top link from previous box, on the screenshot where you see a red arrow, I’m trying to change the stage of a disinterested prospect to and interested prospect stage box, if I drag and link to it it unlinks the top portion of that box ?!

You can’t link like that by design.
You need to use the action called ‘jump to action’.
Good luck.

Ok thanks Joey, I have done that, now it looks like this, does it mean that even if it doesn’t show that it’s tied to the Interested stage it will start the sequence from there ? Also is that normal that some of the tied boxes shows grey while some are showed in green and some in red ?

If you click on the blue arrow icon at the bottom of the action, you will see magic.
Red: No branch
Green: Yes branch
Grey: regular Branch (no decision)

You can read more about the campaign builder :slight_smile: Campaigns | Mautic

Ok great well done Joey, thanks a million


Hi Joey, I have another issue not receiving emails from automation in Gmail accounts only, I tried about 4 different gmail address and not receiving emails, the dashboard is telling me that they where send to crons are working fine, I can receive in any other domain email addresses ? I’ll make a post for it, Thanks