Campaign filter based on IP

I’ve been getting fake newsletter signups from a bot that seems to use Tor, for example: | Zwiebelfreunde E.V. | AbuseIPDB and sometimes these result in complaints to SES when the email owner receives the double opt-in email from my campaign setup. I realize that some legitimate users might use Tor so I don’t want to block these IPs entirely at the firewall level. Tor does publish a list of its exit router IPs (last link on this page and so I’m wondering if there is a way in Mautic to put a filter on my campaign like a condition I can use to stop it sending a double opt-in email if the signup came from one of these IPs? That way I won’t block legitimate browsing but newsletter signup will silently fail. I’m also aware that the double opt-in is doing what it’s supposed to do, but the victim, the owner of the email address entered into my site doesn’t necessarily know that so I’d like to limit the effect of this spam.

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