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Campaign Language

I have contacts setup with preferred localle and email messages in 2 languages.

If I send such an email to a user individually in Mautic the right language gets sent. But if I send through a campaign English is sent by default.

My Emails are linked in the email as translation of with a language setup

Does anyone know how to get a campaign to send in the right language?

what version of Mautic are you using ?

I have done this before with campaigns and there has not been a problem (this was on 2.16.3).

I just went ahead and tested this on 3.x and it works perfectly for me.

Can you send a screenshot of the configuration of your mailers

Sure Thing:

I’m using Mautic 2.15.3
PHP 7.1 (Just about to move to 7.2)

Is that ZAR I see ? Afrikaans praat ?

MY suggestion is to make a quick test yourself, I have not tested on Mautic 2.15.3 - you should think of upgrading at least to 2.16.3 if not 3.x.

if you use gmail or a email that you can provided aliases do the following:

  1. Create two new contacts & Set the preferred locale to English and Afrikaans
  2. Create segment that holds these two contacts
  3. Create simple campaign with these two contacts.
  4. Add action to send email, and choose the Discount Coupon R50 Afr version as the default.
  5. Fire off the cronjob and check the results.

Then go into the contact card and have a look at the event history

Yes indeed you’ve spotted some Afrikaans. I’ve made a test by sending out and email to a contact directly. Then it works. I can send the English version but Mautic picks up the correct language

Once I do the same with a Campaign it only sends the English versions.

I’ve been hanging back with latest versions due to talk online about stability of the latest code as it matures.

I’ll upgrade to 2.16.3 on this server. I’m about due to setup another Mautic server alongside this one and will install 3.x to put it through it’s paces.

I’ve tried using the language features. It does not work in campaigns in my version of Mautic unless I specifically add a condition to check language and build the campaign out with a branch for each language. It seems a little redundant but it will do for now. I suspect a later version of Mautic has more features. But an attempt at upgrading broke the entire install so I’ll stick with this version until I have more time.

@mikew I updated to 3.1.2 and the lights came on. The latest version is awesome even the Language features work as expected.

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Great happy to hear. I also had reservations about moving to 3.x and finally started moving over a number of clients.

Still a little bit buggy, but I feel confident today to run with 3.x

We came across this as well - however, the campaign action “send email” forces me to select a mail with a certain language. Should this be the parent email version (a dedicated language) and still the campaign will select the translation automatically (although its listed separately as well)?

Hey @dirk_s my understanding (and how I have always done it) is by choosing the parent email version, however what Mautic will do is look at the preferred_locale and send the correct language version to that specific set type.

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