Ability to create multilingual emails

I need to create multilingual emails. Depending on the country of contact, content is displayed in different languages. There are 19 different languages in total. I found a way to do this using Dynamic Content and it works. But I don’t understand how to deal with the Subject, it must also be in its own language for each country.

I tried to do it the same way as in the body of the email, using Dynamic Content. I created Dynamic content in the body of the email, but inserted a link to it in the subject and it technically works. But this solution, unfortunately, cannot be used, because Dynamic Content forcibly adds a tag to the content and this tag is displayed in the subject and cannot be removed in any way.

I would appreciate any help and ideas as I’m new to using Mautiс and may not know all the options and possibilities. Any ideas? Does anyone have similar cases?

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This is an existing feature in Mautic.

Let’s say you create an English email for example, and then create a German one.
Then you set the German as the German translation of the English one:


Once this happens you’ll see different language versions within 1 email:


and also the email is listed as multi-lingual:

If your conacts have a preferred locale set up, they will get the right language version.


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Thanks @joeyk for the detailed example, I tested on a new install and it worked well. Mautic automatically matched the localized child to the user’s locale when the parent email was specified in the campaign.

When supporting several languages, would you know if anyone has tried integrating Mautic with a translation management system to reduce the effort of localizing email content?

For example, we’re using Crowdin to manage the translation of our software and some web pages from English to 5 other languages. We’re using their webflow and github plugins already and I see they have a plugin to translate content with MailChimp (GitHub - crowdin-community/crowdin-mailchimp-example: An example to showcase the integration of Mailchimp and Crowdin).

Anyway just brainstorming, it could be an interesting future side project / plugin opportunity. I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel either… I couldn’t find any existing plugins in this area but if you’re aware of any please let me know. Thanks

Thanks @joeyk. I tried to do it this way from the very beginning, but it didn’t work. As it turned out, the problem was that I thought that the locale of the contact was determined by the “Country” parameter in the “Address” section and I didn’t see the “Preferred Locale” parameter. Thank you so much for your help!

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