A few beginner questions before installing Mautic

Im looking at Mautic but don’t grasp it. The information I looked at has been focused for companies and I can’t grasp it, that is why Im asking here to understand of Mautic have the features Im looking for.

Im looking to integrate Mautic to a Wordpress site with multiple languages using Polylang. At the sidebar at the page in a Mautic form where users can type in email address and choose what language (or more then one) they want the newsletter in.

A nice feature would be that when a person subscribes they will get the latest sent out mail. This is because this mailing list is planned to be sent out about one time per month.

Multiple languages newsletter… Is there a feature in Mautic that when a newsletter is created (campaign?) it by default templates for all languages, and only when they all have been written and confirmed DONE, it can be sent out, and all languages will be send out at the same time / or a timer will send it out (Example first day or first Monday of next month).

There will be three people translating and it is good to just have a feature that they can click DONE button when they are done with language newsletter. Extra feature that would be nice is when using a timer to send out a mail but if all of different languages are not confirmed DONE (and can’t be sent) a reminder is being sent via email a few days before timer is suppose to send the newsletter.

Is it possible to use same login for Mautic as Wordpress? Less passwords and links for the translators to handle.

Im not able to install Mautic yet because the web host has a lot PHP memory limit and takes a fee to make it higher.

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For multiple newsletter in different languages, yes you can have a translation for your email and it will send the email based in the language that your contact has in Mautic Nas if none of the languages is available it should use the default.