Campaign not sending emails

Your problem
My problem is: I set up a double option campaign (to reduce bounce), the first step of adding the contact to the pending list works, but sending the option email with a confirmation link is not working. the email is not sent.
I followed the tutorial here

what could I be doing working?

are you testing this yourself to see if it is working, if so make sure you are testing from a different browser or an incognito browser where you are not logged into Mautic from

Its not just me, also a colleague who is not in Mautic is having the same issue - does not receive an email after being added to pending list

are you able to send normal email from mautic today ?

Can you paste a screenshot of your campaign,
your cronjobs
and possible the mautic.error log.

Maybe we can shed some more light once we see this.

Hi, does ANY email sending works for you?

Yes, normal segment emailing works

Sorry to ask stupid question, but: is the email in question published?

Yes, its published. from the right side of the edit page