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Campaign Trigger Cronjob get stuck

Is it possible that the campaign trigger that runs on the cronjob can get stuck?

Our crontab broke down and we started it again. But now not all open jobs are processed anymore.

Is there somewhere a log stored, where the open jobs are processed with the cron?

I would like to initiate the “stopped” events again but can’t find them.

@markus_k mautic version? where you install it? have you checked server log ?

Hello bizcrony

Mautic 2.11.0
Apache Server, self-hosted

There is no critical error in the server log, just the simple notice like:
[2018-01-05 08:20:16] mautic.NOTICE: PHP Notice - unserialize(): Error at offset 201 of 341 bytes - in file /var/www/html/cj/app/bundles/CoreBundle/Model/AbstractCommonModel.php - at line 280 [] [

[2018-01-05 06:40:03] mautic.NOTICE: PHP Notice - Array to string conversion - in file /var/www/html/cj/app/bundles/FormBundle/Controller/PublicController.php - at line 111 [] []

But this i do not understand, why is it not in the cache? (question is not so important)
[2018-01-05 05:59:44] mautic.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception InvalidArgumentException: “The template “:email-mautic-template:message.html.php” does not exist.” at /var/www/html/mautic/app/cache/prod/classes.php line 1109 {“exception”:"[object] (InvalidArgumentException(code: 0): The template “:email-mautic-template:message.html.php” does not exist. at /var/www/html/cj/app/cache/prod/classes.php:1109)"} []

can i find broken “upcoming events” in the database?