Campaigns don't execute like they should

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.3
My PHP version is: 7.2
My Database type and version is: Mariadb 15.1
Your problem
I’ve had issues with email not going out through SES. And have switched to SMTP through our own servers.

The problem is that

  • Some campaign actions seem to be stuck for some leads.
  • Some leads never received their email through SES but these emails where marked as Marketing messages so they don’t get them again since Mautic thinks they already received this email.

Should I just send everything again even if I send the same mail to some contacts 2x. I literally have no way to verify what SES went and did.

AFAIK my cron jobs are firing like clockwork. I don’t see any errors in the cron log.

Is there anything else I should be checking?

using send immediately or queue?
look in your spool folder to see what’s in active, bounce, defer, deferred

I use the queue function. Spool directory is empty. Just has a Default folder in it.

My emails send out ok. But some contacts have been waiting for days to move to their next campaign action and receive their next email.

Even if I execute the cron commands manually some mail goes out but campaign actions that are postponed by +1 day just keep moving one day into the future.

You can create a segment based on unopened email, and resend to them.
Are you running segment update, campaign update and campaign trigger?

Can you post a screenshot of campaign? May be able to spot a problem there.

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@EJL Thanks for the suggestion on Segment actions. I actually only discovered how to send segment emails yesterday after knowing they exist for 2years. I think that part of the Documentation is better explained now than the last time I read it. I’ve found Mautic’s workflow a bit difficult to figure initially. Once figured out it seems the most logical way to do things.

Got my install to work by moving it to Ubuntu after many errors on Centos that I could not resolve. So I’m excited that my install seems to have sprung to life and now stats update.

Just bumped into a bug after cloning an email to send to the segment:
I cloned a Campaign email and created a Segment email. This works ok. I changed the internal name before saving. The test sent out fine. But when I update the plain text version the save returns a 500 error.

I’ve created a full forum post about that here

Error 500 when creating Plain Text version and save

I think it the solution will be easier to follow to someone who only has that problem. But bottom line it seems the date field is throwing the error on the copied segment email only when I update the plain text and hit save.

Here’s a screenshot of the Campaign:

I notice some contacts without emails also got pulled into my campaign. Sending keeps getting pushed back a day.

I imagine the contacts without email that are being pulled into your campaigns are anonymous users. I would look at the contacts withing the segment and those assigned to the campaign. Look at the history tab and the Audit log tab for those contacts to see the mechanics of their inclusion to a campaign.

Thanks for this suggestion. I’ve finished testing out the new 3.1.2 install last night. I’ve added a condition “email not empty” to the start of the campaign to avoid this problem again.

BTW: You where absolutely right version 3 brings everything I expected when I installed 2.x

I’m looking forward to putting Mautic to some serious work. The new setup is humming along nicely without any serious spikes as Crons run. I’ll begin sending out the first real campaigns again tomorrow morning.