Can I link multiple twitter accounts to Mautic?

Hi everybody

I have a use case where I will operate campaigns for my customers. Each customer may have one Twitter account.

Suppose that I’m running campaign for Food Customer and Ski Customer, they may have “@food” and “@ski” accounts on Twitter .Now, I want to connect these accounts to the same instance of Mautic, and parameterize during the campaign, for example

When I run a campaign for Ski, I want that the twitter users are contacted by “@ski” twitter account. When I run a campaign for Food, I want users to be contacted by “@food” account. Is it possible to do that? In the same Mautic instance or I have to operate on distinct instances?

I search the forum for something like this and found this post Multiple Sites/Campaign Management? from 2015, it has a link pointing to contact lists but I’m not sure if is the same thing I’m asking, :confused: