Can I read from multiple databases in the same mautic instance?

Is it possible for mautic to query multiple databases and cross-check their results during the same processing.

Probably not out of the box. What are you trying to achieve?

I’m trying to apply a segmentation on contacts from a BigQuery database and then with that result send it to the mautic’s databse which is mySql ( where the cross-checking applys ). So that i can apply a campaign on them.

Any answers ?

You need to create the plugin, that reads the second database.

Most simple way is to create an import, or set up a custom, automated import using the custom imports plugin:

You can also use webhooks to populate data from other databases.

Or the most hacky would be to set up a conversion table, here is a tutorial:

You can of course create a plugin as well.

Thank you so much !

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