Can Mautic send out email template out via postal service? API for any email to snail mail service?

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It not a post about “a problem” but I am just wondering if Mautic have an API built in to send out weekly email to customer who does not use email instead they receive a letter via postal service using any of the online email to snail mail services ?

I found this integration so far but wondering if anyone have used it and I would like to hear your experience with it or is there a similar integration service out there that offer postal / snail mail service? -

Thank you

The good people at Leuchtfeuer have created one with the German Postal service.

Thank you for sharing this, I should have mentioned that we are located in Untied State and looking for a way to use it with USPS postal service.

But it nice to know there an API for Germany Postal. Hopefully there one for USA postal too if anyone can chime in and recommend one.