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Integration with professiona-grade company-hosted smtp server

Very excited to stumble upon Mautic and see it doing great things for our company.

We are a real estate marketing firm which has dedicated staff and smtp operations and would like to integrate mautic into our workflow.

We cater to a very high-percentage of multi-national investors and developers.

From what I seem to gather mautic only integrates with well-known and established smtp services.

We have rolled our own which works fine for us from a privacy and technical perspective and we have a dedicated back-office staff fully versed in security and smtp operations.

So here is the question: can Mautic integrate with only the big smtp operators or can we hook it into our smpt servers to do our sending? For various reasons - mostly having to do with security of our client lists, etc - we do not use Amazon, mail chimp, sendgrid, mailgun, etc.

Thank you.

Thank you!

I finally saw that after a long, grueling install process. Now I have another issue which is I cannot test sending smtp - lots of errors and what is odd is that I am tail’ing the postfix sending logs on both the sending and receiving servers and see no outbound or connection attempts by from either side, yet Mautic is throwing errors about unable to connect.

I will post a more detailed analysis on a separate thread soon.