We want to hire a Mautic consultant/developer to speed up sending

The opportunity is: Speed Mautic’s sending through the SMTP interface, by holding SMTP connections open and sending thousands of emails at once. Note that this request has changed somewhat from the original, as we just found out that SMTP2GO’s API isn’t as fast as expected.

The original request was:

We’re using a terrific sending service called SMTP2GO, and would prefer the increased sending speed of using their API instead of SMTP. I imagine this isn’t a complicated job, because it could start with the code from one of the existing sending services already programmed.

It is based in: USA

Remote OK?: Yes

Salary/remuneration: You tell us.

To find out more: Send me a direct message here.


Would you consider switching the service? e.g. use amazon? Its basically the industry leader and very cheap.


Some background about me:
As an official Mautic partner with Aivie.ch (founder) and one of the top contributors, I have been working with the platform every day for more than 5 years. Over the years, I have helped my customers with email automation setups, workshops, training, hosting, configurations, and custom email and landing page templates.

Aivie is a Mautic SaaS and services provider from Switzerland; we’re your dynamic partner in marketing success. As an enthusiastic Mautic contributor since 2019, a Mautic project sponsor since 2020, and a driving force behind GrapesJS and other Mautic plugin developments, Aivie is at the forefront of shaping the future of Mautic. You can find more details on our partner page: Mautic Community Partner - Aivie - Mautic Community


Thank you for responding, and being helpful without pushing for a paid gig. I would be happy to hire you to consult with me, if you prefer.

I just heard back from SMTP2GO that their API isn’t faster than their SMTP interface, which is kind of a surprise. For the fastest delivery, they strongly recommend holding an SMTP connection open while up to 2500 emails are sent through it. It doesn’t look like Mautic has anything like that available. I imagine coding such a feature would be a huge job, but it looks like both Symfony and Swift Mailers support it.

That’s a great point about Amazon SES. See below for my response about that.


PS: I’m very hesitant to switch to AWS. We had been with SendGrid for years, but they kept messing up in so many ways. Their customer service started to literally take months to reply… and even then most of the time it would be a useless boilerplate response. Realizing that big companies are the worst for customer service, I looked around and found SMTP2GO reviews were impeccable. We have been very happy with them for several years, and we have built a great IP reputation with our dedicated addresses there. It just seems crazy to start over again with a new vendor… which would mean warming up new IPs and recoding our extensive bounce handling APIs, and… I quite frankly loathe AWS’ confusing interfaces (although SES isn’t really as bad).

Just a quick question: how many emails are you sending (daily, weekly, monthly)?

Also one more question: are you talking about Mautic 4 or mautic 5?

We send 50K emails in daily batches, 5 times per month.

We’re still on Mautic 4. I had to do a lot of RFC-8058 compliance customization, rushing against the Feb 2024 Google/Yahoo deadline. It needed to be integrated with our custom transactional system. I’ll upgrade to 5 when things settle out, and I have time to re-apply the customizations.

I agree with the confusing interfaces of AWS — they are a nightmare from an UX point of view.

As you say, it might not be worthwhile to do a custom coding just for that. The available options in Mautic seam to be working fine.

Maybe run a test with AWS and see if it is the open rate is really that much worse before custom coding something.

PM me if you need assistance setting anything up. Or if you don’t want to set anything up, you can also use our managed hosting for a quick test. https://aivie.ch/en/mautic-hosting-and-installation/

I was never concerned about open rates, but long term customer service, and overall ease of use. I never struggled with SMTP2GO’s user or API interfaces, and I can’t say the same for AWS. I want my tasks to take an hour, not a day.

We’re sending reliably right now, but as our list grows past 50K per blast, it’s taking several hours to go out. That’s not ideal sometimes, as our content is time-sensitive.

I appreciate your Mautic hosting service. If we didn’t have such a tight RFC-2369 / RFS-8058 custom coded integration with our in-house systems, we might consider something like this.

Hi there,

We have tuned mautic to be able to send about >1M emails / hour. We have one customer sending about 15M emails a day.
If you think our service could interest you, please drop me a Private Message, we could setup a call for presentation.

Short Background : I’m Norman Pracht, previously Mautic Product Team Leader, currently Assistant and Council Member. Webmecanik (my company) is the main community code contributor for the last 6 years since we provide mautic as a saas with our distribution (about +600 instances now).

Sir you hire mautic expert at codermails

Thanks to all who contributed!

joeyk DMed me, referring me to his video on how to speed Mautic 4 & 5 email sending:

Hi @markerb

The Aivie hosting is actually very flexible and already certified in many ways. Let me know if you want to explore that route some more.

Otherwise, I’m glad you found a solution to your current problem.

Just one more comment here: a video is only good if you know what you are doing, if you don’t know what you are doing it makes sense to outsource.

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