Can some explain the bounce

How does the bounce part of mautic.
When I run a test I get an email for every bounced email I test.
I don’t really want emails, I thought that mautic automaticly removed the bounced emails from my contact list, but it doesn’t.

Can someone explain the bounce part of Mautic?


Have you setup monitored inbox in your setting? Settings/Configuration/Email Settings

Have you run mautic:emails:fetch Cron?

Yes I set my Custom return path (bounce) address to my bounce email.
I have install my fetch Cron jobs. Not sure how to run them.

Why does it send an email with every bounce I just want a list or even delete it out of my contact list. is that the way it’s suppose to work?


It doesn’t send an email with every bounce. It essentially logs into the account you specified and scans for bounces and adds a bounced tag.

You have to run cron jobs for any of the functions of Mautic to work. For reference