How to "run the following command"

I’ve been working on setting up bouce management for my Mautic installation and am running into some issues. I have the “Monitored Inbox” setup but can’t figure out how I run “To fetch and process the messages, run the following command: php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:email:fetch” How do I do that?

Thank you for the help!

Hi there, and welcome to the forums!

Please take a look at the Cron jobs documentation here:

You’ll need to set up a Cron job which runs at regular intervals, this executes the command automatically.

Mautic relies on these Cron jobs to function, so it’s well worth getting familiar with setting them up!

Thank you for the note! I’ve confirmed that the cron job has been added and then I created the segment - but it’s still not giving me any contacts in the segmented list. Any ideas of how I can fix this issue? If there’s additional information you need, let me know! I so appreciate the help.

Thank you so much for the note! I’m still struggling to get the bounces to report in our Mautic installation.

From what I can tell, we’ve installed the cron vibes appropriately on the server as described in this link about setting-up automatic bounce processing. Also based on that link, we setup a segment that’s supposed to gather all bounced emails. I’m under the impression that the cron jobs will gather bounced emails from the bounce-email inbox and then add them to the segment. Does that also sound correct to you?

In Mautic, we’ve sent to a group of emails that we know have bad ones but nothing bounces into the [] inbox. I also confirmed that Mautic has the “reply-to” email set to [] and the “bounce” email set to [].

What else do we need to adjust to get this working? I’m pretty tapped out in my ideas at this point… Let me know what you think.

The Monitored Inbox option works if you are using your own MTA (e.g. Postfix) running on your server and you have configured it as “Other SMTP Server” in the dropdown on the Email Settings page. You need to set up Postfix so that it generates its own Delivery Status Notification (DSNs) as not all receiving email servers are configured to send DSNs when an address doesn’t exist - or bounces for any other reason.

After you set up Postfix to generate DSNs to your return-path email address, you can set up Mautic to parse those DSNs using the Monitored Inbox feature and automatically mark contacts as “bounced.” That being said, this feature is relatively unmaintained, as the majority of users use HTTP callback from Amazon SES, Elastic Email, Mailjet, SendGrid, SparkPost to track bounces/complaints.

Edit: Another thing you could try is going to your SES dashboard and enabling email notifications of bounces & complaints which will go to your return-path address. It’s a radio button “Yes” “No” which is located right underneath where you select the dropdowns for the SNS topic.