Cannot receive test email after removing "Do Not Contact" from contact

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.0.1
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 8+

Your problem
My problem is: When a contact manually unsubscribe using in email link then administrator change the contact’s preference to email again. The contact still no longer can receive test email even the “Do Not Contact” red tag is gone. I create a new contact and the test email are working fine until they unsubscribe then I added email back in those contact preference but it does not get email working for them again.
This is all on tested server not an actual production server since I am learning how to use it before switching over to Mautic.

These errors are showing in the log: No error shown in log

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: I can’t seem to find a way to fix it yet.

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May be worth checking in the database what the contact’s status is regarding bounced status / DNC status just to be clear that the DNC has been removed cleanly.

Not sure how you’re trying to send the email - have you checked to see if it’s making it as far as Amazon or is it just not getting sent at all?

I’d also recommend double checking, just to be sure:

  • Global frequency settings is something higher than 0 (which would prevent you emailing them more than x per y)
  • You’re not trying to send the same email to the same contact (e.g. a marketing email)

it all a test email …

Right now, we are using Sendy as our production marketing email but we wanted to switch over to Mautic soon.

I have install Mautic and link it with Amazon SES API successfully. It only got a few contacts in it for testing purpose for now to see how it works, So far we are able to send an email using the “Send Email” button in the contact edit page but it no longer send email after we test unsub contact and then remove the DNC tag.

Reason we do that is often we have members accidently unsub themselves pressing a link on their mobile device and they would contact us to see if we can put them back on the newsletter list again.

We are a non-profit organization and we do not market anything so we have a very large member database which we send our newsletter weekly to.

Mautic is not yet in production but we hope to switch over to it soon and trying to learn it some more.

Thank you about the tip on database, we will look into the database to see if there a DNC table and how it’s marked

I checked the db and noticed that the contact is not in the lead_donotcontact table but in the lead_lists table it showing it as unsub

It seems like you can only send one email to a contact and after that it will not let you to send any more email to a contact.

Must be a setting or something somewhere because it just one email once that all … doesn’t matter it if per day or week … only one email and that it …

Check this thread. I think it carries the solution:

I saw that setting in my Mautic and changed it to 100 then tried sending email again…

It didn’t fix it …

Still exploring but thanks for sharing!

It working again … Here what I did to fix it with the help of @joeyk and @rcheesley Thank you both!

I was testing it using the Custom Email that you send by using the Send email button under the contact edit page and I thought it would send them using the email address which was registered as the owner of Mautic instead it send using the email address that was registered on my Mautic account.

The owner email address is verified with Amazon but not my email address I am using on Mautic so with the help of @joeyk and carefully reviewing the log again, we were able to determine that it was sending as my email address that was not verified with Amazon and it got rejected.

Since it is logged in Mautic, I would recommend adding a check to see if the email was rejected or not then make a note of it in the contact event because in contact event, I show that “email sent” so I assume it was sent successfully.