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New contact is tagged "Do not contact"

I just finished setting up Mautic for a client and tried creating a list with test contacts to send a few emails to.

I created myself as a contact with an email address that hasn’t been used before on this Mautic instant and when I tried sending a mail to the segment that had my user in it, I got a failed notice and the log tags me as “Do not contact”

What I wanted to find out was

  1. What is the basis for tagging a user as “Do not contact”?
  2. How do I undo this, especially on a mass scale, my client has about 5k leads in his DB. If this happens to half that list I’d be screwed
  3. How do I prevent this from happening moving forward?

Thanks in anticipation.

Thanks for the response, I’ve replied your questions below

  1. I’m sending the mails through Amazon SES
  2. The contact being sent to was a gmail contact (my personal email)
  3. The email address was a real email, I use it on a daily basis

I’ve been getting exactly the same issue. I think it happened after updating to 2.12.1.

Even old autoresponders and forms don’t work. It seems it happens at scheduling. No emails are actually sent.

I can send a test email so Amazon SES is working. I’ve also deleted the Cache. I’m about to delete the entire install and reinstall the previous version. I’ve wasted so many hours on this…

After looking at the logs, I get a 504 error which means that email address isn’t verified. The problem is, it’s stating the input email (the one a prospect has submitted). The sending email is verified in Amazone.


Has anyone found any solution to this?

We are having a very similar issue. In our case, we were able to send the emails. However, a very small group of people seem to have received the email, read it and unsubscribed. The strange thing is:

  • there is no unsubscribe option in that email
  • and there’s no unsubscribe/bounce monitoring set up in our mautic instance

The pattern is the same for all unsubscribed users. They all receive the email (they all have valid email addresses), they all open the sent email, and they all unsubscribe without any unsubscription mechanism.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Has anyone found a solution for this?