Cannot search for leads that are right in front of me?

My collegue is having an issue in the contacts page. When she goes into the list of leads and searches for something (even the name of the first lead in the list), most of the times the research bar returns no results.

I tried to replicate that issue and it’s the same for me. What do you think is causgin this issue? Keep in mind that, sometimes, contacts get found. But most of the times they don’t appear, as if they are not inside the CRM.

Thank you :slight_smile:

First have you made sure to refresh the page and that the CSRF token is not expired.

Secondly try using the wildcard before and after the string you are searching for.

For example if you searching for Enrico go with: %enrico%

Hi @mikew , thank you for your advice. I followed your advice and made a few tests, but still the research has issues.

I would suggest checking the system log files inside Mautic as well as the error log file in /var/logs/{your_webserver}/mautic.error and see when you run the commands if you are getting any other errors.

Another thing to try and observe is the browser developer console to see if something is off there as well

Thank you @mikew

I checked every possible log and the Dev console, but there are no errors and everything seems to work just fine