Campaign editor : bug when searching an email


In Mautic v4.0.1, PHP Version 7.4.19, Database 10.5.15-MariaDB-log : I have this since the last few previous versions of Mautic, and it’s kinda triggering (I use Chrome) :

  • List item the email search engine is very low and can’t support the search when 2 characters are typed “too fast”, so better wait 1 second before writing the next letter.

  • List item Once it does do the search through the email : I always have this white bar displaying (screenshot) and it becomes impossible to select an email, so I have to cancel the campaign, exit and come back in order for the search to work.

I know it’s a detail, but it is making me lose some time at almost every campaign, furthermore it’s been there since the beginning. I hope that my explanation were detailed enough.

Add this to regular roll back of campaign not showing properly in the list is the best way to miss any element between test campaign and campaign…