Cannot update to Mautic 5.0 because of older PHP version, but not correct!

Cannot update to Mautic 5.0.1 using SSH because it says I have PHP 7.4, but this is not correct.

One or more errors occurred while checking your environment prior to updating Mautic:
- Your PHP version is too old or too new for Mautic to update. You are currently running PHP 7.4.33. Please make sure that your version is between 8.0.2 and 8.1.99.

But my php version is 8.0.30. Using LiteSpeed V8.1 server.

Any ideas?

I had a similar issue once.
For me there were two different php versions running on server and terminal and composer always threw this error.

Just an idea to check that

Please check the PHP version you’re using for the command line, rather than what Mautic is reporting. It’s likely that the CLI version is 7.4.


php -v

This should tell you.

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Thanks, this was the solution!

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