Change owner or transfer to different owner on emails

Is there a way to change owner on email or transfer email to a different owner?

Could you plz rephrase?
Did you mean email address? Or Email template?

Sorry, I read my post again and I can see I was lacking information in it.

What i mean is the email created under “Channel → Email” .

RIght now, one of our staff “Staff A” is assigned to create new newsletter each week but we ran into a roadblock if more than one staff need access to it unless we set in configuration to allow staff edit or change everyone’s else email even if they are not the owner.

Each account is created for each staff separately and Staff A wouldn’t be able to see or access Staff B email even if they are working on the same Newsletter with the same theme or template and we don’t want the staff to send out email with their personal work email address. We already have a department email to use but the staff would forget to change it in “Advanced” tab etc.

I know we probably could get away by creating one generic account for all staff to share however we still prefer each staff to use their own work email address to log in if they were to leave or seek employment elsewhere then we would have to change password every time that happens.

And “From” name would be the staff initials since that how I set up their and look unprofessional when again they forget to add “Advanced” tab and disable the “Send As Owner” .

I am just wondering is there a better solution to this and we are all ears (or eyes since I am Deaf)