How to change the owner of an email / campaign / segment?

Is there a simple way via the UI, to change the owner of a campaign / email or segment?

use case

I have many emails, campaign and segments set up with Admin as the owner. I have users who only need access to a subset of each.

My setting their user role permissions I can give them access to only elements they they “own”. But I need to easily be able to assign or clone the desired campaign / email / segment to the new user while logged in as admin.

One solution is to make their user role an admin role, log in as that user, clone all the elements so thats the new elements are owned by the new user, then set the user role back to a lower permission level so they can access only their own elements.

Is there a better way to to achieve this outcome?

quickest dirty way is to update this in mysql - happy to show you how my friend :wink:

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