How to give users access to other's user's emails/campaigns etc

is it possible to “transfer” or “share” ownership (created by) of elements like emails, campaign and segments to another mautic user. If so how?

My use case is I have a a master mautic instance, pre populated with emails, campaign and dynamic segments. This have all been built by a user with an admin level account.

I would like to let users with a lower level user role have access to some (not all) of these elements. I can’t see a simple way to do this.

Any suggestions?

Hey @robm have you looked at Roles and defining different ones and giving people view permissions, I am not sure if they have view if they can clone for themselves?

Not a bad idea, I’ll test whether view only permission allows for cloning.

Yes that works!

Side effect would be multiple copies of emails / campaigns for each user, rather than having them all have access to the same email / campaign and use the contact ownership to personalise the email.

alternatively when creating these assets, you could do it as a different user of the same Role, then each new user inside that role will have the ability to edit, clone, publish, delete or do whatever they want.