Change the author of an email message

My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7

In our company we use the OsTicket system and we are very satisfied;)
I would like to create a service model and I have one problem.

I create a contact form in Mautic
Name, email, problem / comment.
Example: Max,, Text

This request is currently sent to OsTicket (to our support address and the support staff can reply directly to the user.
However, I would like to insert Mautic forms here.
The trouble is that I can’t send this form to OsTicket with the user’s email address.

I created a form in Mautic, in the settings I can specify “if the user completes the form = 1, then send a notification to”, which is operated by OsTicket.
Only this application will have the author and email to reply from the Mautic installation and not
So how do we send a notification / email from Mautic to so that it is identified as the user address provided in the form, i.e.
Then we can answer directly to the user with OsTicket - he will be its author.

Can I change the sender in Mautic (to the value of the e-mail field from the form, here the message?
Should the reply-to field be used?

Thx, for help

Problem solved.
Creating a new form, I discovered a field impersonating a user who is now a sender.