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Customised sender email address

Can i have customised sender email address for my email campaigns? What i am trying is to give that personalized touch to my emails going out to my prospects where the the email should look like it has gone from a sales person with his/ her email to respond to. I tried this but so far not successful. Is this possible in mautic?

However when the email goes out, it shows the address on the configuration tab.

Has this issue been resolved with the latest release? Experiencing the same issue as Srikanth

I just stumbled into a solution…

I had this problem too, and I just noticed that on the email settings, if you hover over the help icon for the ‘Mailer is Owner’ option it says the following:

“if contact owner is known, force his or her email and name as sender email and name”

So I turned the ‘Mailer is Owner’ option to off, and now when I set a different from name and email address in the email advanced options it works exactly as you’d expect.

Glad I stumbled into this as I really needed to have different from addresses and I was about to install several versions of Mautic so I could set them all up!