Changes coming to Gmail

More of an announcement and to spread awareness, but we came across this at work.

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Have you had a read of this blog post?

It addresses those issues with some advice and guidance! :mautibot:

We have an open issue re. one click unsubscribe:

Would be awesome to have a few KB articles about the subjects in the article if anyone wants to write them!

I missed that, Thank you for pointing it out :slight_smile:

I will certainly read this and share it with my dev team.

One thing we are concerned about is the virus checking bots that clicks every link. What will stop these from just unsubscribing scores of leads.

A capatcha will work but its not one click.
I’ve read about another potential solution that uses a redirect with a query param.

Havn’t looked into more detail as of yet.

The one-click unsubscribe is required to be a POST, which I thought was to prevent bots from unsubscribing users.

Also… Would a captcha work in this context? I thought we’re writing an API endpoint, so there would be no UI to write. The mail client supplies the unsubscribe button and any follow-up in its UI, leaving our code as headless. Have I misunderstood the specs on this?

No your are correct, I am just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

Please note the referenced article at Navigating Gmail's New Spam Policies: What Mautic Users Need to Know - Mautic Community is mistaken about what constitutes “one-click unsubscribe” in the RFC-8058 specs and upcoming ESP changes. The article claims that providing your own “Unsubscribe” link in the body of your mailing is enough to meet the requirements, and implies Mautic can currently satisfy this. This is incorrect, which is why Add support for rfc 8058 (One-Click unsubscribe) · Issue #12880 · mautic/mautic · GitHub was opened.

That’s a good point @markerb and we realised that after we saw that PR :slight_smile: