Charity Seeking Volunteer to Fix Mautic

My Mautic version is: 2.16.2
My PHP version is: 7.0.33

My problem is: Can’t send campaigns

These errors are showing in the log: attached

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

  • emptied cache

Looking to make a difference? Community for Permanent Supported Housing is looking for a volunteer to assist our micro charity to fix our installation of Mautic and help us learn simple maintenance actions. Our charity assists people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and neurodiversity find safe, affordable housing in neighborhoods across North Texas (DFW). Please take a look here for the description of the position. Thank you, Robin LeoGrande, President

Hi Robin.

Sent you a PM on the slack channel.

From looking at your log it seems that your ESP is not connected or not authenticated.

What ESP (spark post/amazon/sendgrid/etc…) have you been using to deliver mails coming from Mautic ?

Hi Robin,

I’ve moved this to the commercial category as discussed in Slack.

Mikew, I have been using sendgrid.

Thank you,

SendGrid did some changes a while ago adding in the need to have authenticated sender as well.

First thing I would do would be inside mautic, go to “settings”->Configurations->Email Settings and do a “Test” there to see how things are going.



Test connection “success”
Send Test Email doesn’t appear to be working. What email address should the test email be sent to? There are only 2 email addresses that are managing our Mautic. Neither one receives an email. Is there a place to specify the email address to receive the email?
Thank you,

Sendgrid said there was a password reset done by their system about a month ago, it might have affected our credentials or API keys. I generated a new api key and added it to mautic. No improvements. If you’d like I can send you screen shots of the email settings in a private email. Thank you, Robin

Hey Robin,

Send screenshot please. Also go into Settings, System Info, Logs and send me what is there.

I also sent you a PM on slack, would be happy to volunteer some time helping you out.

Thank you so much for moving this post to commercial. I have had several offers to assist. Mautic is now running again. The forum is wonderful.

Would you please either delete the post or edit it to say the issue is resolved and thank everyone for responding?

Again, thank you!



Wonderful - I will close the thread!