Cleaning low used lists - Sparkpost freeze account for high fails

Hi there

What is peoples experience with keeping lists inside mautic active enough that you dont get blocked for high bounce/unsubscribes?

I found I had accidently been drip feeding my failed contact form requests into my mailing list, and when I tried to restart sending email after a few month break, I was hit by too high fail rate, from SparkPost api.

I can understand it is good to keep active, just wondered if there was any practice or rules people work on to keep that way? Or just a life lesson for me.

Now need to prove I have cleaned up the list to SparkPost so they will enable the account again. So need to try a checking service.


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I would suggest using a campaign to take care of email list pruning.
You can also build different speed lanes for people who love receiving emails from you daily and the guys who love receiving stuff from you, but just once a month.