CLI update single segment and run single campaign


We have a specific use case where we want a single segment and a single connected campaign to run every 5 minutes but we want the other segments and campaigns to only run once every hour. We have quite a big instance so updating everything every 5 minutes is not going to work.

Is it possible to do this from the command line (and set a cron). I cant find from the documentation if there are any variables you can set on these commands that would support this.

I guess it would be something like:
mautic:segments:update --id=123
mautic:campaigns:update --id=456
mautic:campaigns:trigger --id=456


Michael 11 hours ago

this one drove me crazy for quite a while and i actually posted about it and never got an answer, i finally found out how mautic:segment:update -i 23
So you add -i and segment number

This works and the same works for campaigns and emails.