Segment Update Cron Jobs Configuration

I have written many times on this subject and find myself running into a re-occuring problem inside Mautic and how cronjob are fired off using the console.

In console mautic:segments:update there is a flag -i which lets you choose which segment ID you would like to update. This is all great and helps a fortune, however the fundamental problem here is that we want many of our segments to be updated every minute, and some of them to be updated less often.

Why ? Because this is killing CPU usage by MySQL.

Would it not be great to have a flag like -vi or -v -i that would exclude certain segment ID’s.

Yes there are workarounds and you can go and setup many cronjob for specific segments, the problem is that after you have done this and go add a new segment, then you need to go and update your cronjob with this new segment id. This can become very problematic when dealing with hundred of clients.

Main problem is that if you have a cronjob that is running every minute on all segments it will still run all your segments

A video is coming up regarding this.
I’ll post it here once it’s done.