Completely removing a test contact

My install of Mautic is new so I have the advantage of creating contacts when I build test forms to go with test campaigns. Since I have only about 3 email addresses, I will just remove a contact in Mautic when I want to use that contact after I have updated my campaign.

I noticed that though the user was deleted, when I bring them back again all of the past time-line for them remains.

Maybe there is a better way to test than using the same 3 emails … but if not, how do I get rid of the history of a contact?

Hi, past time lines - you mean in Form results?
Do you delete the contact or form results?

Deleted the contact.

I am not sure, but when you delete a contact, the IP associated with that contact is kept along with all the browsing history. This would explain why when you add them back, the history is re-assigned to the conatct associated with the IP.

So try deleting the contact AND deleting the anonymous contacts and see of that works.

That worked! Thank you very much!!

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