Need help on deleting old contacts

Mautic 3.0 version
My PHP version is :7.3

My problem is: I hate re-inventing the wheel so can anyone help me with the best accepted procedure in regard to deleting old contacts… Due to space I only intend to keep the last 6 months that have not signed up… Before i go developing software to hunt down all the Anonymous and IP named contacts with a birth date of 6 mos ago… Is there any software already out there for that very purpose… any simple help like what all should be deleted… looks like there is a contact page then each contact page has a history page, a note page, and integration page and an audit page…So looks like fun and I am hoping that someone has already invented this wheel… Any info on the correct way to clean up old pages would be great before i start this lonely trudge alone… Thanks.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :
I started to do this manually but way too time consuming… next step is to develop software but I have a feeling this is long ago done… I searched for software but none turned up…

Hello @tommytx123!

There are many way to deal with this, I’m just going to mention one.
Let’s say the scenario is to delete any contact, who hasn’t been active for 6 months.

You can create a segment, which starts a campaign running independently and performing the cleaning work for you as contacts are ready to be cleaned.

Each mautic contact has a ‘last active’ value, that you need to filter for. Even the ones without email (= anonymous contacts).

  1. Create a segments called “not active for 6 month”.
  2. Filter should look like:
  • email is empty AND
  • date last active is less than -6 months

Create a campaign, where the segment is the one you just created

  • this campaign should have only 1 step: Delete contact.
    You might want to time it so, that delete contact after 2-3 days, so you can have a look at the segment’s content to see if you are deleting the right people.

Once someone is inactive for 6 months, they’ll land in the segment and will be deleted with all the info you’ve ever stored about them. If it works right, your segment will be always empty, or with just few contacts in there as they are promptly deleted.

Good luck.

Good luck to you.

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Thanks Joey… that sounds like a great way to accomplish exactly what i need… I am a programmer so i could do it with PHP if no one has done it… but I think i like your way of doing it as i will i learn a lot about making Muatic do new tricks… and i certainly need that experience.