Mautic switched self mail receive off/on

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.10
My PHP version is: 8.0.30
My Database type and version is: 10.6

Mautic adds yesterday without any reason many contacts to a segment. The filter of the sequment ist: e-mail unsubscribed = Yes
(as if a user clicks on the ubsubribe button)

15min later the contacts were removed.
Any idea? I didn’t nothing at that time…hmmmm…

All user don’t unsubribe - i checked it.

Were there any reports from your email service provider at all? Was an email sent out at some point around when they were added to the segment?

At this time nothing actions at all. No e-mail, no cronjob, no working.
The only eye-catching message was as i logged in via SSH to my Ubuntu server.
He wants to reboot.
Now it seems all is runnung normal

You can always check the audit log after opening a contact to see what exactly happened. Click on the round arrow icon to toggle more info.

You mean the arrow left which points downwards that expands the entrys?
I have no log entry for this time.

Also not if i click on the button “Audit-Log” in the contact view.

Click on the arrow next to entries in Audit log to expand. Bei ‘Kontakt Aktualisiert’

Ah - ok.
But the self changing in segments was at Oct, 25 - for this is no entry in the Audit Log.

Who are the members of ‘Email gestoppt’ segment? How does the filter look?
Or you are pushing them manually?


As if i know it right, the default unsubscribe function of Mautic changes this if someone unsubribes with the link in my e-mail newsletter. Am i right?

And here i filter that persons who will do that.