Condition without negative branch // Checking a date field for "is tomorrow" not working

Hi there,
I seem to be missing something, as far as I know:

  1. Conditions do not need to have a true AND false branch
  2. If there is only one of them, contact will stay at the condition, until it matches

So If I check for a date field, “is tomorrow” - the contact should stay there until this condition is true. And then proceed with the campaign. No need to remove and re-add the contact again to this campaign?

Did I missunderstood the condition in the campaign? Does it not work with times, relative times?

Hi @dirk_s, no that doesn’t seem to be the case, according to this:

One thing to remember is that campaign conditions are evaluated immediately. So if the date in the field matches the condition, then the positive action is executed. If the date doesn’t match, the negative action is executed. The contact doesn’t kind of “hang around” waiting for the condition to be true.

Thats interesting and shows some inconsistent behaviour: When I create a double optin, the contact indeed waits until the condition will be true: “visited a page”.

So for checking a pagevisit the condition is waiting, but for checking a date it is not? Strange!
But thanks for the helpful link!