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Custom Date Conditions

I noticed when following this article here:

That if I set the custom date condition to 0 day, it changes it to “today”. And if you change it to -1, it changes it to “yesterday”. But of course, since it’s a custom date, the time needs to be based on the custom date. So when it states “today” or “yesterday”, is that real time, or based on the custom date? Seems like a bug, or at least should be changed to reflect it correctly.


I’ve tried several tests using this method, and I can’t get any emails to trigger being sent. Anyone else get this to work?

Just tried again and it’s working. I believe it’s due to a campaign only being able to send once. I thought you could unpublish and republish and it would work again. I guess that’s not the case?

We are not able to get this to work. If you set a condition on a date field and you rebuild/trigger the campaign only the contacts that match at that moment will receive the action. If you trigger the campaign again the next day the people that should receive the action at that time don’t receive anything. This is visible in the conditions/actions of the campaign. How did you achieve this?