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Config options (backend) details

Hi, I have searched all the documentation however I’ve been unable to find a table of all config options from local.php that lists the option, default and description. I’m mainly looking for a description for the following options:

'webhook_limit' => '10',
'webhook_log_max' => '1000',
'webhook_disable_limit' => '1000',
'webhook_timeout' => '120',
'webhook_time_limit' => 600,

If someone could point me in the right direction? Thanks

Manage to find these particular options in the code.


'parameters' => [
    'webhook_limit'         => 10, // How many entities can be sent in one webhook
    'webhook_time_limit'    => 600, // How long the webhook processing can run in seconds
    'webhook_log_max'       => 1000, // How many recent logs to keep
    'webhook_disable_limit' => 100, // How many times the webhook response can fail until the webhook will be unpublished
    'webhook_timeout'       => 15, // How long the CURL request can wait for response before Mautic hangs up. In seconds
    'queue_mode'            => \Mautic\WebhookBundle\Model\WebhookModel::IMMEDIATE_PROCESS, // Trigger the webhook immediately or queue it for faster response times
    'events_orderby_dir'    => \Doctrine\Common\Collections\Criteria::ASC, // Order the queued events chronologically or the other way around