Confusing Instructions


Don’t overwrite value if already exists: => No / Yes.

What does this mean? It’d be a lot clear if written,

Overwrite value if already exists: => No / Yes, but I’m not certain that’s the logic here?

Would someone advise?

It means:

It means, that it will overwrite all values.
If you turn it as YES, then it won’t overwrite it.

Ok … NO will overwrite the current values.

Thank you.

Cool. I hope this won’t cause no misunderstanding

For background, when we commissioned this PR, we were told that the convention in Mautic is to default options to “No”, and this should follow the same pattern. The language of the label had to be flipped in logic.

It is unfortunate. Hopefully we can flip the logic and language to “Overwrite value if field is populated” with a default of “Yes” in Mautic 5.


Agree. The double negative is confusing.