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Hi everybody,
I’m still learning how Mautic works, and I found one question that I’m not able to answer.

I’ve 1000 contacts, with CV, and I’d like to create segments from some keywords from the CVs. Imagine I want to search who is a “PHP developer” and passionate about “ecology”, so would be nice to be able to create a segment called “Green PHP”, with all those contacts where in the CV (usually PHP or DOC files) there is “PHP developer” AND “ecology” keywords.

How can I do this in Mautic?

At the moment the 1000 contacts are in Google Sheet, and in one field I’ve the filename (unique), and a folder in Google Drive with all the PDF/DOCX files, so it’s easy for me to run a search in Google Drive to select the CVs with those keywords… but it’s a bit tricky to go back to flag the contacts in Google Sheet, and then how do I create a segment from them…?

Any idea?
I can also make some small updates to PHP code if needed… (probably, converting PHP/DOCX to TXT for full-text search)

Thank you!

you need to:

  1. create a csv file, that includes “ecology” and other characteristics as columns. For example:

id,fname,lname,interest,coding language
1,mark,zuckerberg,world domination,php
3,elon,musk,wrecking havoc,typescript

Now you have to create the proper cutom field in Mautic.
If it’s a one choice option (either/or) then the above format is fine. If you want multiple choices you’ll need to separate the choices with pipe symbol:

id,fname,lname,interest,coding language
1,mark,zuckerberg,world domination|metaverse,php
2,bill,gates,reputation|fight malaria,c
3,elon,musk,wrecking havoc|interstellar travel,typescript|php

  1. Upload your files, and create the criterias as a new Mautic segment:

coding language = php
interest = metaverse

will filter for the proper contact.

I hope I didn’t misunderstood your question.

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Hi Joeyk,
well, the point is that for each line/user (Mark Zuckerberg, for example) I have a full CV, with 4-5 pages full of experiences, skills, volunteer work, and areas of interest.

Putting a CSV with all the unique words with a | symbol seems not too efficient … or is it? I assume that if for every user there was the possibility to have a “text” field - I could convert PDF2TXT and then use this field for full-text-search…

Do you think this is possible?
Would be amazing for searches and then manually select candidates to populate segments…

Thank you,

I don’t know PDF2TXT.
I’m using excel to do this type of csv magic. It does work for me with using CONCAT.