Content marketing workflow

Hoping to get advice from frequent content creators. I’m about to launch a serious content marketing push, maybe 150 articles this year. I’m trying to make the administration as pain-free as possible.

The posts will go to WordPress and a Mautic mailing list. Thus far, I have found no easy way to streamline this.

I’d like to write in Word. If you haven’t used it lately, the style and grammar checking are now excellent. It also uses very little memory and has auto-save, so I never lose anything like I do on websites (including WP). Word does a great job of publishing to WordPress.

But I can’t figure out how to do so much as cut and paste formatted text into the Mautic email editor. Headings, bold, italics, even newlines are lost. Yet, somehow, bullets and images are preserved. I also tried pasting from the browser. Neither worked. Seems Froala (?) isn’t equipped to rich text cut and paste.

Any ideas? Given the effort, I’m willing to throw money at the problem if there is an editor that would work well for this. Maybe something that works as an intermediate step, or a replacement for Froala? I’ve looked at the Mautic RSS plugins and they just aren’t robust enough. Thanks!