Create form survey and categorize people accordingly

Your software
My Mautic version is: ?? (recent, how can I check this?)
My PHP version is: 7.1.33

Your problem
I would like so set up a kind of quick survey using Mautic forms. People fill in the form (about 10 questions). Depending on their input, they fall in a certain category (eg. wanting to buy, already bought and looking for support, etc).
The logic is like this: if question1+question2+question3>3, then they fall in a certain category.

Is it possible to, depending on the input on the form,
1/ add users to a certain “role”
2/ mail users accordingly (eg. I will prepare three different mails according to their category)

In Mautic, I can plan actions after filling in the form. However, I cannot use logic to categorize them.



I have not done this myself, but I would assume it is possible to create a form to prompt users with questions, this could be either campaign or stand alone form depending on the way you would like to implement. I am just not sure if you can add a user to a “role” as they are not registered users in your system, so the only other way around this would be to do it using a script to extract these users and add them via mysql into the users table.

Stand Alone Method
I can think of two ways of doing what you want.

  1. Create a segment for the people that you want in a certain category, for example Field Value = “the correct answer” AND Field Value = “xxx” AND Field Value = “yyyy”.
  2. Setup campaign starting with the above segment and then send user email

Campaign Form Method
Similar to above, you would start with a CONDITION where you could base your rules and then send user message.

Hope this helps


Hello Mike, thanks for your reply.

In the standalone method: I do not understand how you can let Mautic do what you describe … Could you elaborate what steps to take?

If a try the campaign form method, I can only use one condition (eg. “Field Value” “Contains” xxx). Having multiple conditions applying at the same time does not appear to work there




  1. Create a segment, in the segment set up your filters with the criteria you require. [What happens then is as people fill out your form and they meet the criteria you have defined, they will be added to this segment]
  2. Go and create your campaign. The beginning of the campaign is the segment that you created in point 1. The next step in the campaign is to send mail.
    As mentioned I do not see a way to add them to a “Role”

Campaign Method:
Here you would need to have multiple condition points. As you say you can only have one field criteria per condition. So you would have your first decision, if the user matched that criteria you would then have the next condition point and so on.