Creating single config file to store and use social media links

Your software
My Mautic version is:2.16.2
My PHP version is:7.3.31
My Database type and version is:10.4.21-MariaDB

Your problem

I am creating a plugin to update and store all social links like facebook etc. These links will be used directly when social follow drag and drop is used in landing pages and email.

My problem is when i am updating the links in the plugin, the already existing landing pages and email with social follow buttons are not updating to the latest links given in the plugin.

How can I solve this?.

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That’s a great idea.
I guess it is because, the html code for the page is stored in the database when you save it. Meaning when you update a global field in a website, the code of the website doesn’t get saved again and therefore the custom data does not get updated.
Did you try saving the page again? And did you check the html code of the page in the database? Because this is what people see when they call a site via browser


I tried saving the page again but the already existing social follow buttons are not taking the updated links. But, if i drag and drop another social follow for the same page, the new ones are taking the updated social links.

I have checked the html code in the database where the static html is stored. I am not sure how can I modify those or can the problem be solved in the frontend as I am new to mautic.

That’s interesting. Hm… I don’t know what there could be the case.
Maybe someone else has an idea?