Custom Object Email Templates - Looking for examples

Custom Object Email Templates - Looking for examples

I have nutted out segments and now keen to roll onto using custom objects in emails

So thinking Real Estate

I have an enquiry

  • Bed, bath, car, price and suburb/city

I have real estate listings custom object
title, listing id, price, bed/bath/car, images x3, assigned agent specs and link to somewhere relevant

Contact → Custom Object Enquiry → Custom Object Listing

I want to then make a query to find the most recent listings that match that criteria
-/+ 10% price
-/+ 1 for bed
= suburb/city
Limit =5
Order by listing createdate (or something)
I have a SQL query that should be able to handle this

Drop these into a structured email
and send as an auto responder or part of a drip campaign with dynamic content

I have my hardcoded MJML templates

Keen to learn what the methods will be to migrate this to something more dynamic

The other option is trying to nut out the woocommerce recommender engine

OR … some sort of custom RSS feed logic and hook up

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This is really interesting. I come back from vacation, and jump on this thread.

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