[Custom Objects] Retrieving Specific Elements from Custom Objects in Mautic

My idea is: To enhance the “Custom Objects” functionality in Mautic by allowing users to specify and retrieve any particular element, not just the latest. This includes, for instance, the ability to retrieve the second-to-last, third-to-last, or any specified order of items from the list.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:

  1. Email Marketers who want to offer more personalized content to their subscribers.
  2. E-commerce businesses that want to remind customers of their past purchases.
  3. Companies that run frequent loyalty programs or campaigns based on user purchase history.
  4. CRM managers aiming to build more detailed customer profiles.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: By providing a deeper level of personalization, companies can improve the relevancy of their content, leading to increased engagement, trust, and potential sales conversions. Reminding customers of past behaviors or purchases can evoke positive memories, leading to repeat purchases and increased loyalty.

Any code or resources to support this idea: While I don’t have a specific code at hand, the existing “Custom Objects” codebase in Mautic can be expanded to include more flexible sorting and retrieval options. Perhaps looking into SQL-based solutions or introducing more parameters for object retrieval could be beneficial.

I am currently utilizing the “Custom Objects” addon in Mautic and have found it incredibly useful for our email campaigns. However, I’ve come across a limitation that I would like to discuss.

Currently, with the order=latest option, I am able to retrieve the latest (or last added) element from a custom object. However, for an upcoming email campaign, I’m interested in referencing not just the latest purchase, but several of the most recent ones. This means I would like to refer to, for example, the last three or five purchases made by a contact.

Is there a way to specify and retrieve a particular element other than the latest? For instance, if I wanted the second-to-last or third-to-last item, how might I go about it?

The ability to reference specific previous purchases would greatly enhance the personalization of our emails and significantly impact our campaign’s effectiveness. It would be incredibly beneficial if there were a way to specify which past entries from the custom object I can reference.