How to send custom content email to each contact ? (willing to send product recommendations)

Your software
My Mautic version is:v4.4.5
My PHP version is:7.4.32
My Database type and version is:5.7.40

Your problem
I need to send product recommendation’s to each contact . Content will be generated by a product recommendation engine based on each user browsing history .
Could someone tell me how to create email using API ? Is there any example available?

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You can send email via API:



You can create email using API via this API:"emails-in-time"-widget

And send that email to particular contact via this:

Thank You

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Thank you @asad786 and @joeyk .
I am making my firsts steps on mautic api and it seems to be a step curve.

I have found also that I can achieve what I want using

I am a bit concerned about the end since for me it’s not working a simple filtering for now…

Thank you !

Hi, I would go a different route.

  1. I would get the Twig Templates Plugin, which can transform a JSON content (your recommended rpoducts) into html.
  2. Push in the JSON to each contact via API.
  3. Create an Email with the Twig Template in there.
  4. Send a out the campaign
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