Can mautic allow making an api call outside of mautic to show email content

Hi Mautic Community!
I want to send an email to specific contacts but the content of the email may vary from contact to contact and even multiple emails to contact may also vary, for example, an email for a product purchase confirmation has all the product details… but I can’t save the product detail against that contact. so I want to make an API call from my third party e-commerce API to get the product detail and purchase details against that contact.

so can anyone guide me on how can i do that and is there any other option that can help me achieve this thing?

looking forward to hearing from the community soon …
thanks in advance.


you can save product details into mautic, its just that you would have to extend the database schema and store the data there.

Then you would have to manipulate email build process with custom tokens or something similar to inject the data into emails.

Making API call during email build to get the data from external api seems it could be slow.

I would approach this from a different angle:

Make ecommerce SW make a call to Mautic Email api to send email about product confirmation. That way you still delegate email sending to mautic and have a simpler (and faster) solution by design.

Regards, M.