Custom return path (bounce) address VS Monitored Inbox Settings

Your software
Mautic version is: 4.4.5
My PHP version is : 7.4.33
My MariaDB version is : 10.5.17-MariaDB-cll-lve

Your problem

I have a problem with the bounce management.

I did everything as it was said here: Bounce management | Mautic and read so many posts about bounce management but haven’t found the answer.

Can someone help?

I am sending and receiving emails via my own server. Sending emails works perfect. Problem is with receiving bounces.

If I set a Custom return path (bounce) address with my email address in the Email settings than all bounced emails are sent right there to It’s ok. But if I additionally set this email address ( in the Monitored Inbox Settings as well, my mailbox does not receive bounced emails any more.

I checked my server logs and found that every time it is a bounced email the delivery of the returning message is false. Every time it happens it tries to send returning message to the email address instead of

See below an example log how it looks when I’m sending an email from Mautic (configured to send emails from address to the fake email address

Be aware that even if I’ve configured (in the Email Settings) that Mautic should send email as it makes the email address as the sender!

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000Cd7-8b <= … from for

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000Cd7-8b ** F=< >: Unrouteable address

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000Cd7-8b Completed

+++ 1p8Wd4-000CdF-Aa has not completed +++

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000CdF-Aa <= <> R=1p8Wd4-000Cd7-8b U=mail P=local S=32763 T=“Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” from <> for

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000CdF-Aa ** F=<> R=virtual_aliases:

2022-12-23 02:13:42 1p8Wd4-000CdF-Aa Frozen (delivery error message)

Is there any way to make Mautic send email as and if the email is bounced make the message return to the address instead of

Any help would be most appreciated.

All the best.